A spa makes it an easier process to relax every inch of your body as well as enjoy the pampering session.

A spa usually includes a full body massage session for a particular period of time. They are specifically made to relax the muscle tensions and stress levels. There are different styles of massages for different requirements of the body-

Swedish therapy massage

Widely known as the “classic massage”, this is the most commonly practiced massage style. This helps in specifically relaxing the muscle tensions. This practice is usually done with the help of oil or lotion. ... Read More

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Aromatherapy massage

This is a massage procedure that makes use of oils or lotions that specifically contain essential oils. This is a very popular practice among ladies' beauty parlors and wellness centers. It is because your mind gets highly relaxed after inhaling the smells of the essential oils. As a result, it brings a change in your mental stress levels and relaxes your body at the same time.... Read More

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At VV Studio, we make sure to keep you pampered and make your “me time” worth it. Book an appointment with us to experience it yourself.

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